Why Closed Circuit Cooling Tower Is Better Than Open Circuit Cooling Tower?

You must know about the term 'hybrid.' A closed circuit cooling tower is a hybrid product that is used for passing the working fluids via a tube bundle. These towers are useful and more advantageous than open circuit cooling towers.

Closed circuit design of cooling towers offers evaporative cooling for sorts of systems. These towers operate just like open cooling towers and the only difference in operating is that the heat load to be rejected is conveyed from the process fluid to the ambient air via heat exchange coil.

The coil is used to separate the process fluid from the outside air and keep it free from contaminants in a closed loop. This means you will have two different fluid circuits: external and internal. In external circuit, spray water circulates over the coil and blends with outside air.
In internal circuit, the process fluid circulates in the coil. When the tower is into operation mode, heat is transferred from internal circuit via the coil to the spray water, and later to the atmosphere as a share of water evaporates.

Major Advantages Of Closed Design
  • These towers have capacity to withstand entering fluid temperatures up to 82.2 degree Celsius as manufacturing units have used dry coil technology.
  • The closed loop system of the design protects the process fluid quality, lowers system maintenance and offers operational flexibility at higher initial cost.
  • It also prevents airborne contaminants from entering and fouling the system
  • There is minimal requirement of water treatment during the process. 
  • There is no need for make-up water during dry operation periods. 
  • Its compact design consumes less space.
  • Cleaner process fluid yields cleaner internal surface
  • Lower water treatment costs
  • Lower system maintenance costs
Now you know few points why closed circuit cooling towers manufacturers considered better products than open circuit cooling tower design. You can book your model online or by visiting shops of the suppliers.
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