Mandatory Tips To Maintain Cooling Towers

Cooling towers use water for air conditioning and provide an ideal environment for the growth of industries. If you are not regular clean and maintain cooling tower it may harmful for working productivity, system corruption, increase energy costs and potentially serious health issues. Moreover, it cause Legionnaire bacteria that may make you sick or even causes death in extreme cases. So, it becomes necessary for cooling tower manufacturers to Cleaning and regular maintenance of cooling towers twice in year which help in keeping and maintaining the good health of the devices as well human health all time.

There are many ways to keep clean and maintain cooling towers and reduce germs and bacteria. Ultraviolet units are able to reducing bacteria up to 99.9% for pure water at your industrial facility. There are some of bacteria in your water, the more healthier and more safer for your water will be. Dissolved contaminant are removed with water, meaning there is less debris to erode or damage pipes. Here are some sure parts you have to care for cooling tower manufacture might want to share data on the same.

  • Cooling tower fan housing cleaning and maintenance

It is important to carefully scrub and disinfect the fan housing. Fan housing is among common problem areas and chemical treatment cannot always protect it against bacteria. Hire hygiene team for your cooling tower and disinfect this area in an effort to barred spreading of airborne pathogens and minimize the corrosion risk.

  • Cooling tower distribution pan cleaning and maintenance

Distribution pan areas can be clogged with debris that is not expelled from the system via normal filtration process. All distribution pans need to be opened and cleaned so that water flow can be increased. Reduction in flow from clogged distributors can diminish the ability of tower to cool water. If you keep neglecting it, you can have to bear loss of energy.

  • Pricing and costs of cooling tower cleaning

Tower hygiene pricing is usually based on several factors, like the size of the cell, number of cells, overall condition of the tower, etc.

Some manufacturing units are offering discounts to their clients for cleaning and maintenance services. Tower Tech Global company is among top leading Indian cooling tower manufacturers that bring most sophisticated and finely crafted cooling towers that are being produced and made under extreme supervision of the qualified engineers. You can any time call the service support desk of Tower Tech Global and get a quote for your required cooling tower model. They are also offering customized cooling towers at competitive rates. So, if you need any specific model, you can count on Tower Tech engineers.


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  1. I didn't realize that cooling towers used water-- thanks! More specifically you said that this provides an ideal environment for the growth of industries. I think it's a good idea to choose a cooling tower so that you can keep your product loss costs at a minimum.

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  5. Ah, great tips. Be very careful on new companies with new products that haven't been tested. Read more articles here.