Use Hybrid Or Mixed Flow Closed Circuit Cooling Towers And Save Water

Hybrid cooling towers are mixed flow closed circuit cooling towers that provide efficient cold water temperatures with enhanced water conversation and reduced visible plume. These cooling towers are intended to reduce water consumption in thermal power generation, while also being modular for speedier construction. All the thermal power plants used by industries produce heat, which is a by-product. To dissipate this heat, industries use cooling tower in order to enable plants to operate in efficient way. 

Hybrid Cooling Tower Operation:

In Summer
The operation of hybrid cooling towers relies on the operation of open and closed cooling towers. The top of the cooling tower has an air/water battery that allows to skip the evaporation (partially) and to use the battery (partially) only. It all depends on the weather and cooling capacity to be evacuated. With this process, considerable water can be saved and visible vapor plume can be also reduced in major quantity.

In Hybrid closed circuit cooling tower, the liquid that needs to be cooled passes through the air/water battery. With this, exhaust air will get warmed up and this will reduce relative humidity. The liquid flows through the process side of the plate heat exchanger to complete the cooling process. 

The by-pass valve of the tower allows to regulate water amount to be conducted directly to the basin and the water quantity to initially pass over the packing of the tower.

The liquid of the tower is cooled by battery only and is not led to the basin. In winter, cooling is done without evaporation and thus, water consumption remains zero.
The hybrid mode of cooling tower uses limited water to acquire optimum performance. In this mode, cooling tower uses little amount of water to pre-cool the ambient air streaming inside the tower, lowering air temperature toward the ‘wet bulb temperature’, the minimum temperature that can be reached via evaporative cooling. 

Materials used for casing and structure of cooling tower:
  • FRP
  • Wood
  • Concrete
You don’t need to worry about maintenance and inspection as these can be done with an ease. The mixed flow closed circuit cooling towers offer maximum operational safety.
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