How to Keep Industrial Cooling Towers Clean?

This is the right time to think over tower maintenance and cleaning once again. Here are two biggest reasons why industrial cooling towers should be cleaned regularly – First dirty towers slow down performance and it can affect occupant health too.

Why Cooling towers cleaned ?

Cooling towers are a efficient and cost effective way to cool water for air conditioning. They use a fan to move air through a recycling water in an open air area. One of the primary segments for air conditioning in cooling tower is water. If that water is gets to be dirty with ooze, green growth, muck and mud, all which develops on the bowl floor.

Dirty water can influence working productivity, system corruption, potentially serious health issues and increase energy costs. Moreover,You must be aware about seriousness of bacteria especially Legionnaire that may make you sick or even causes death in extreme cases. So, it becomes necessary to regular keep your cooling tower clean and maintain.

During full system cleaning is important to remove all of the contaminant build-up and ensure that all of the components of tower’s are operating perfectly. 

For this purpose, you need to conduct regular tower inspection and systematic filtration that help in eliminating bacteria inside cooling towers. The expert team suggests visual inspection of the equipment and best ways to control microorganisms inside cooling tower. Here is a quick check to keep your tower clean free from any type of bacteria –
  • You should opt for chemical biocides to control growth of microorganisms.
  • You should maintain proper temperature inside cooling tower.
  • Also this is necessary to inspect cooling towers on regular time intervals.
  • Experts’ advice to check equipment thrice a year
  • If bacteria level is high then cooling towers generally require more cleaning.
  • You are advised to use high quality raw materials to construct equipment that seems best at different quality levels.
  • This is also necessary to clean residue material left behind after construction.
  • The complete recommendation list for maintenance of industrial cooling tower can be taken from experts.

When you are cleaning your cooling tower, it needs proper shut down the use all foaming detergents that kill bacteria inside tower. You can avail cleaning equipment from expert manufacturers of Industrial Cooling Towers from India to prevent bacteria growth inside equipment.

Proper maintenance not only increases equipment’s life but saves your time or money as well. Proper cleaning prevents scale building and enables operators to take advantage of it.

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  1. I did not know that dirty cooling towers slowed down performance and had an effect on health. It is good to know that systematic filtration can help to eliminate bacteria. It would be good to consider professional help in the tower inspections to provide accurate results of how and when the cleaning needs to take place.

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  3. Thank you for this information about how to keep industrial cooling towers clean. I find it beneficial to understand that when clean, these towers provide for cooler water and functioning air conditioning. Something to consider would be to seek professional help for inspections, cleaning, and maintenance to ensure quality work and functionality of the system.

  4. Really enjoyed this post on keeping cooling towers clean - and something that can't be underestimated. Ignoring it is likely to lead to much more costly problems!

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