Parts Used For Making Cooling Tower Devices For Industries

In this article, manufacturers making cooling towers for pharma industry, food industry, chemical industry, or mining industry are sharing the list of fans and drives they use in the construction of cooling towers.

  • 1. Centrifugal fans
Centrifugal fans have low sound characteristics. Manufacturers of these fans use several materials to meet different operating conditions. Centrifugal fans are engineered, manufactured and rated by regulatory body for optimum performance. These fans maintain thermal performance. The installation kit for centrifugal fans includes hardware, adhesive and clamps.
  • 2. Axial fans 
Standard axial fan is high efficient in performance and generates low sound. The design of axial fan is rugged and constructed with aluminum for corrosion resistance and longer life. These are easy to install. Most axial fan kits have bushing and special length bolts. 
  • 3. Whisper quiet fans 
Whisper quiet fans are ultimate low sound product. These fans lower the sound levels generated from the cooling tower with minimum impact on thermal performance. 
  • 4. Shafts 
Shafts are specially selected tubing materials that ensure durability and strength. Manufacturers produce precision shafts for vibration free operation. These are epoxy-coated products. Installation of shafts is secure. 
  • 5. Automatic bearing greaser 
This type of greaser is compatible with all bearings. Lithium batteries used in the greaser are standard. This product needs less maintenance, thus it saves more labor cost. You can avail replacement grease packs and batteries from stock. 
  • 6. Induced draft bearings 
Induced draft bearings are industrial grade pillow block castings for extended life. Manufacturers use a double-lip seal in these bearings to keep moisture away from grease. The complete installation kit for induced draft bearings has shims, hardware, and instructions. 
  • 7. Forced draft bearings 
Forced draft bearings are pre-sealed with waterproof grease for easy maintenance. You can avail split sleeve design bearings for convenient replacement. Manufacturers make forced draft bearings in flange mount, split sleeve, sleeve, and pillow block ball bearing configuration. 
  • 8. CI bushings and sheaves 
Manufacturers use fine-grain, high strength cast iron for manufacturing CI bushings and sheaves. 
  • 9. Aluminum sheaves 
Aluminum sheaves are specially designed by manufacturers for use with induced draft cooling towers. These sheaves are corrosion resistant. 
  • 10. Gear couplings 
Gear couplings don’t require lubrication or regular maintenance. Installing gear coupling is easy and there is no such need of special tools for installation. These couplings are designed to absorb all kinds of misalignment caused by vibration or shock. These components are moisture resistant.

Manufacturers designing cooling towers for pharma industry, mining industry, chemical or other industry are using such components to deliver the best performing units across the world. 

If you need further information on cooling towers or its components, you may contact manufacturers and suppliers. 

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